3 Weeks! Woo-Hoo!

3 weeks have came and gone! Hurray! Over all the diet change really wasn’t all that hard. I was doing great until last week, when I went to Amsterdam. Then I really hated the diet. Everywhere you turn there’s a cheese tasting room, delicious yogurt staring at you in the grocery store, fresh baked croissants wafting through the air. It was torturous. I left the store with a banana and a fruit smoothie and a growling, wanting stomach. Besides that grueling 24 hours I’ve done really well with the diet. The few times I felt tempted to cheat, I didn’t, and that felt good. 

Do I feel better? Honestly, no, I don’t really feel that different. Actually, this last week I’ve had some finger swelling that I haven’t had in a few months. I have however, lost 8 lbs. that was a nice side effect I guess. So, is this food thing going to help me? I am going to keep pressing on and find out. The next step is to add back each item individually and see what happens. Given my longing for cheese last week I chose dairy. And I’m going to start tonight! Yes, it may be 8ish hours early, but you’ve got to be a rebel sometimes. I’ve got my meal all planned out. Mashed potatoes, smothered in butter and cream. Steaks, cooked in butter. (Not concerned with cholesterol tonight!) And a tall glass of milk. If you never hear from me again it’s possible I’ve died and gone to dairy heaven. 

I do this for two days, which mean yummy pancakes in the morning with butter and milk in them and maybe a frozen yogurt later. Then I asses how I fell. If good, then it’s welcome back dairy! If bad, then it’s time to cry, but press on. I’m sure you can tell which option I am hoping for. 


Cross your fingers for me! 


About NYCSkyGirl

A flight attendant living and loving life in the greatest city in the world. Also a passport cover maker. www.passportcoverskygirl.etsy.com
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