Two Weeks In!

Tomorrow will mark the two week point in my new diet! So far it has been quite eye opening and more or less fairly easy. I ended up having to work 8 days in a row, hence the lack of posting. Thanks to a winter snow storm my four day trip got turned into a 5 day trip backing up to another 3 day trip I had. Ugh. I do not like to work two 3 day trips in a row, so especially no 8 days! I slept like a log the last two nights here at home. The 8 day stretch prevented me from going to the store in between trips but luckily the last trip layed over where my family lives so they took care of me and I got restocked for my last 2 days of work. Here’s a few things I’ve learned so far about having to eat with out GDCS:

1: You need a food processor! This baby saved me a lot of time already. Cutting up veggies takes maybe 2 seconds.

Keep the salad fresh!

Keep the salad fresh!

2: You are going to have to take your trash out everyday. Maybe twice. All those fresh ingredient remnants leave an unpleasant odor behind. It gets gross, fast.

Use the ice bucket, plus liner, for a bowl in your hotel room.

Use the ice bucket, plus liner, for a bowl in your hotel room.

3: You need time. The first day that I really cook in prep for the week it took me about 4 hours. But I was cooking for four days so it was a lot at once. You also need time in the store. Especailly if you are just starting you GFDFSFCF adventure. You have to look at each label. I think I spent 2-3 hours total in Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

Rice cake with almond butter, cinnamon and fruit spread.

Rice cake with almond butter, cinnamon and fruit spread.

4: You will waste food. I accidentally bought about 3 lbs of carrots. I like carrots ok, but not 3 lbs. worth. I thought I’d try and put some of them into a soup. So I make carrot/butternut squash soup. Turns out I don’t really like squash. So guess where that soup had to go? Yep, and I hated throwing it out. But any new diet needs experimentation. You will make things that are disgusting. Be ok throwing some stuff out.

An insanely yummy salad from Harmon's in Salt Lake City.

An insanely yummy salad from Harmon’s in Salt Lake City.

And lastly 5: Eating out it HARD! My crew on my 4 day trip was AWESOME. They even wanted to go out to dinner, 2 nights in a row. When that happens, you have to take advantage and go. The first night we went to a mexican restaurant. That was hard. Corn and flour everywhere! I got the skirt steak and prayed it didn’t have any of the stuff I could have drizzled over it. There was no way to know. Second night, Ruby Tuesdays. I got the salad bar and a grilled chicken breast. That was yummy. I was also proud of myself as I said no to all the salad dressings (I’m sure they all had corn syrup in them) and got oil and vinegar. There is so much GDSC in our diet that it takes effort to avoid it. Especially at restaurants. I can’t imagine how someone with a really bad allergy to anything could eat out, it would be almost impossible.

So that’s where I am at now. I still have one more week to go before introducing things back in. I’m excited for that. I miss a few things. Last night I really wanted a cupcake. I think that will be my first thing to come back in. Yum.



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