A Healthy Start

Since being diagnosed with RA, I’ve been taking a drug called methotrexate. I hate it. Sure, it has helped me to feel better, but it lowers your immune system, has been know to cause birth issues (you have to stop taking it 6 months, at least, before getting pregnant) and it’s used to flight cancer! This is not something that I want in my system. So I have seeked out other options and have decided to try to flight back with food. It sounds kinda nutty, I know, But if turning into a half hippie, vegan like eater will help, I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve read story after story of people who have been helped by a strict diet. Maybe they thought it was crazy at first too. 

My first steps are to give up gluten, (yep, jumping on the gluten bandwagon) dairy, soy and corn to see if I have a food sensitivity to any. Gluten will stay out, FOREVER. Yes, that is kinda scary, but I’m learning, very doable. I like butter, cheese and milk so I’m hoping that dairy isn’t gone forever. Corn and soy I can do without. Over the next few months I’ll try to eat less sugar as well. This will be hard, as I have a very BIG sweet tooth! But for now I’m excited to be able to do something proactive to take control of my health. My energy level is so low at this point that giving up any food will be worth it. 

I start tomorrow and I’m on vacation this week so hopefully I can get a little routine going before I have to work again on Saturday. Work is going to be the trickiest part. Airport food/plane food isn’t exactly healthy. But I’m looking at it as an adventure! 

Do you have any recipes you like that are free of the 4 ingredients I am not eating? If so, please let me know in the comments! 


About NYCSkyGirl

A flight attendant living and loving life in the greatest city in the world. Also a passport cover maker. www.passportcoverskygirl.etsy.com
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2 Responses to A Healthy Start

  1. Are you sticking with vegetarian also? Otherwise a high protein diet is gonna be the easiest way to maintain all those restrictions. Sofia and I bake up chicken in a mustard sauce pretty often: mustard, lemon juice, salt & pepper, diced garlic, and rosemary. Another great choice is chicken cacciatore, which has a lot of variations, but my personal favorite is just boiling chicken breasts in a pot of marinara sauce. You should pick up a slow cooker, simple recipes develop deep flavors over the 10 hours that they’re turning that cheap cut of pork or beef into a fork-tender delicious dinner. Toss a veggie on the side and you’ve got a meal!

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